MB's Tap, Wave & Rub

You've heard of Daryl's outstanding, "Elbow, Knee and Neck" I'm sure. Well, this ain't it. :) But it does have that sorta sound to it, "Tap, Wave & Rub." This is a clever little Silver & Copper effect that you'll just love practicing and doing for people. It's a real fooler with some good bones as to making the magic happen. ;)

As always, I try to deliver an effect that you can do and afford, and have fun with. Just grab your coins (which I'm sure you already have as no gaffs are needed here) and let me show you how to perform some on-the-spot coin magic that will absolutely stun people.

As usual, nothing hard here. If you can "Tap, Wave & Rub" then you can do this too. PLUS I include a nice BONUS for you in the download. What's not to like? :)

Explanation videos and pdf file included in this instant download.

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