The Crimp Routine by Marion Boykins


The Crimp Change Routine + 4 Amazing Effects

The download includes a pdf containing detailed instructions to perform The Routine!

SIX performance videos are also included to enhance your learning!

No coin gaffs are required to perform this effect.

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"WOW! Pretty freaking impressive."

"I just examined this, and I must say they are the best notes I have ever seen. They are much better to understand then the notes I picked up at a private lecture with David Roth."

"Until now I never realized how "visual" sleight of hand could get! Normally when you're thinking of sleight of hand, I think most people think "hidden," but with Marion Boykin's new "The Crimp Change Routine" package you're left with a sensation that a miracle has happened right out in the "open!" Sleight of hand at its finest!"

"I downloaded the package and I am pleased...Overall, I think it's definately worth it...This is good magic; very do-able and practical, and I'm already coming up with my own stuff, it's given me a lot of ideas."

"He [Marion Boykin] has the charisma to be on TV. Delightful performer!!"

"This NEW CRIMP (package) is 100 times better than the first...I highly recommend this to any coin worker who preforms close-up table hopping or walk around."

"All in all I feel it is a great value, easy to learn and with practice it can be a wonderful addition to anyone's set!"