Li'l One Coin Jammy by Marion Boykin

What do you get when you pull together a couple of clever short individual effects, mix in a few other nice moves all with just one coin?...You get my "Li'l One Coin Jammy." If you want to do a cute little vanish and reproduction behind a slick new way to wash your hands, well this is the Jammy for you.

It comes with an Ebook that includes the individual effects; "She's Gone" and "Clean Hands." Then it shows you how to put it all together for the Jammy. You also get explanation videos.

This is some slick sleight-of-hand stuff that's not hard to do and will amaze people with just one li'l coin. So what are you waiting for, get it and let's get started. You'll be jammin' in no time. :)

Explanation videos and pdf file included in this instant download.

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