Destiny by Marion Boykin

“DESTINY is not a matter of CHANCE but a matter of CHOICE”

In the background of my coin work, I have always liked presenting it within a little close-up, especially card magic and a little mentalism. “Destiny" is not a coin trick, but a card effect presented as mentalism. I know, I know... “What do I know about cards?” Well, you’d be surprised.

“Destiny" is a clever but simple to do "Any Card At Any Number" (ACAAN). I like things simple but powerful, and this works to both. You ask a spectator to hold a deck of cards and just think of ANY number between 1-52. Then have them count down to that ANY card, all in their mind and call it out. You then take the deck they were holding all along to reveal their card as the very card that you had thought to uniquely position a while earlier. Mind BLOWN!

I offer a couple of ways to present this that will amaze, just the sort of effect that helps to break up all the coin work. It’s a top-flite, go-to card effect for me, and people will love it and remember it always from you.

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