MB's "3 Coin Pro"

Hey want a nice, doable way to produce 3 coins...Well this is it. First with just a blow 1 coin becomes 2, then 2 coins magically become 3 coins right out front. Nothing hard here and with just a little practice you'll be producing 3 coins for any number of effects you might do. This is not a trick perse but a way to get from here to there in a magical production of 3 coins that will get their attention right away...I mean eyes will POP! I use 3 Coin PRO to go into my 3asy Does It or KrazyKoinZ Across but you can go many different ways with it and every way will be amazing. Hey and when you get inside the easy download here, check out my little Tw'ave. It's a real little cutey-pie cherry on top. ;)

The package link includes the short website demo vid along with download items:
-1 pdf manuscript
-1 Explanation vid
-1 Extra Moves vid featuring, "The Tw'ave" and the "Liwag Subtlety"

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