The Crimp Change by Marion Boykin

This beautiful change can be done with any coin! No gaffs or gimmicks required.

Marion Boykin goes step by step in a video tutorial to teach you his amazing change.

"The Crimp Change is Marion Boykin's wonderfully NEW and fresh variation of the de Manche Change. Learn the changes and subtleties that Marion uses to bring this classic to new levels in coin magic. With his revolutionary methods, the Change becomes an amazingly bold/in your face magical effect...Very clever."

"Marion my man, that was BE-A-U-TI-FUL!!"

Justin N. Miller (Magician, Creator of Silver Dream)

"MB, nice stuff - you fooled me badly. It looks like magic, and I love watching magic."

Dr. Michael Rubinstein, NY Coin Guys

"Marion, looks great man."

Eric Jones, Magician

"Amazing, Beautiful...WOW-WOW-WOW...Provocative...Very Cool... Inspiring...Wowie-Zowie...Smooth...Great Stuff...What the #2*$%&!!...Awesome!

Comments on The Magic Cafe

"MB - This is beautiful. Simple, innovative and very, VERY clever! Congratulations on creating a stunning and lovely bit of magic."

Scott F. Guinn, Member of the Inner Circle/Magic Cafe

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