REViSiTED by Marion Boykin

The MB Transpo PLUS

I thought I was done with this and then one day I reach into my pocket and it becomes so much more. Here I take what has become somewhat of a classic short effect and beefed-it-up a bit with some more twists, turns and surprises that will make your presentation of it that much more stunning. But there’s nothing hard here, just real good magic with only 2 coins that are completely examinable before and after...Now the magic POPS even more and the little kicker at the end will take the specs completely over the top in sheer amazement.

*You get: Explanation videos and manuscript.

**Oh and in this PLUS effect, I’ve added to the value (As I always do here) by including a great BONUS for you that you’re just going to love...For those times when you just want to magically go BANG!

-Additional manuscript and video included.

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