A Chip and a Chair by Scott Grossberg

The concept of story-telling with a deck of cards is not new. Bill Malone certainly showed magicians everywhere how entertaining this can be. However, Scott wanted a routine that appealed to modern-day Hold 'em players and took advantage of the publicity poker now enjoys. "Sam, the Bellhop" seemed like the perfect jumping off point for such a creation.

Using a full deck of cards, the performer tells a tale of a first visit to a no-limit, Texas Hold eem table. This is the venerable "Sam the Bellhop" trick dressed up in modern day poker garb.

The manuscript includes a description of the full-deck stack, the entire script for the routine, together with references to the various recommended sleights (although you don't have to perform any sleights to perform the effect - you could just tell the story with the cards). You also receive the following bonus items: a list of Hold 'em card nicknames, a printable pocket guide of the full-deck stack, and, as a separate effect, Scott's "Texas Hold 'em Poker Deal."

This is one of the best story telling routines ever! - Vinny Marini

...I must say it is a dynamite routine...This routine is very well written and highly entertaining. - Mike Sturgeon

'A Chip and a Chair' was an unqualified hit. As I said before, since Bill Malone retired 'Sam, the Bellhop' this should continue in its place. -
"The Linking Ring's" Tony Econ

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