The Godfather Tips His Hand

Vinny Marini

"Vinny is one of the most creative magicians I have ever seen." - David Malek

"Vinny's magic is nothing but amazing and delightful to watch." - Sal Piacente

"Vinny's style of magic is fresh and bold, with his own unique techniques and different approaches to some of the classic tricks in magic." - Mano Tejera

"I really love the Marini Moneymaker! Let your conscience be your guide." - Glenn Morphew

"Vinny is one of the most creative, passionate, and original thinkers in magic that I know. His fresh approach to presentations and magical effects provides you with solid tools and techniques for accomplishing miracles. And his bravado...well, we could all learn to be so bold in our shows!" - Scott J. Grossberg

Table of Contents

Joker Kings
Ambitious Aces
Card Through Hanky
Boxed Sandwich
Wild Time Revisited
The Godfather Rips You a New One
Signed Coin Through Glass
Marini Moneymaker

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