Raytrix by Rannie Raymundo


I finally got to meet Rannie face to face last year. The magic The Boss showed me was right up my alley: Direct, Powerful, and Fun! He is always showing me great new ideas and routines.

Rannie is one of the most creative people in magic today. He is an internationally reknown singer, actor, and magician! Check out his newest DVD Raytrix!

Raytrix - A four-coin one-card MATRIX routine using borrowed coins and ends super clean!

RR Signed Card in Balloon - A freely selected and signed card is found inside a balloon held by a spectator BEFORE the selection is made!

Not so Gaffless Hopping Halves - A classic effect this time using any borrowed coins with a clean ending

Mr. Picasso - Having failed to find a freely chosen card, the Magician transforms a sketch into the real selection

Coin Bend - A very visual coin-bend with 3 different handlings

Overcooked - A freely chosen card is returned face down in the middle of the deck. The deck instantly turns face up except the selection!

The Godfather's Invisible Palm - Rannie's handling of the classic card to pocket on STEROIDS!

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