MB's Quickie-Tricky, The One & Only

> Man, this one is just pretty. Here's a one-handed complete vanish that just rips! It's clean, absolutely amazing and is done right out front with specs seeing nothing but magic as it just cannot be explained.

*Check it: A coin is at your fingertips and, you give it a blow and it's GONE! You show your hands completely empty, and then as miraculously as the coin disappears it comes back out of nowhere from an open left hand into full view - From nowhere!

The motor in this one is just brilliant and there is no great difficulty, it just takes practice and you can do it too. It only takes one coin and you'll be doing this one forever. Get it in your arsenal and be ready on a moment's notice to quickly and completely blow everyone away.

This is a nice little effect with regular coins that will make you look like a pro when you put in the practice to polish it up just right. Nothing difficult here, just real good magic that will amaze. It uses some good moves that will make this one of your favorites to perform always.

Mathemagically speaking, 1 - 2 - 3 has never been so easy.

Explanation video and pdf file included in this instant download.

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