Short Pockets by Marion Boykin

5 Impromptu Coin Miracles!

KrazyKoinz Across - Marion's popular Coins Across routine!

Copper/Silver-Surprise! - Spellbound with only two coins!

The MB-Transpo - An eye popping color change that looks like real magic.

MB's Coin Through Card - Simplicity at it's best. A coin penetrates an ordinary playing card!

Bonus Effect: Ike & Mike PMP - A routine to work on all of your sleights. Great for practicing and honing your presentational skills.

Includes 5 explanation videos for all of the effects in the notes.

This package also includes a PDF file with written instructions for all of the effects in easy to follow instructions!

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Too cool! Another MB winner! This shows why he earned the nickname "Smooth." MB is an impressive coin man and this again showcases his talent. What I like about his style is that there are no fishy moves. Here's a coin-BAM!-it changes. He's so fluid in his actions. - Christopher Kavanaugh

What can I say except this was GREAT!!!!!! I'm going to be honest I got a lot out of this, more than most $30 DVDs. If you're a coin guy this is a must have. - Tim Feher

WOW! - Another great set of routines...This and the Crimp Change, is the best value effects I've purchased over the years....thanks for sharing. - Dr. G. Keith Still

"Krazy Koinz Across" and the "MB Transpo," these babies are real workers. I should know...I use them a lot! Check it out fellas...I have gone thru the material and it is indeed a good pick. It also happens to be a steal for the price! - Rannie Raymundo (Manila)

-This looks well worth picking up! Good stuff MB! - Rutabaga

-All these effects are easy to perform with great reaction from lay people, and MB performed them just as his nick-name (Smooth-ly)...My two favorites are "KrazyKoinZ Across" and "Copper/Silver-Surprise," those are lovely routines to my mind. I highly recommend this, especially to any of the new guys starting in coin magic, because there aren't any knuckle buster sleights in the 5 routines; I personally will use the routines I mentioned above. - Mano

-I downloaded this today, this latest offering from MB just adds to my ever expanding bag-o-tricks!...It's a helluva bargain at this price! ...I have everything Marion has published so far and feel that it's among some of the best purchases I've made to date! GREAT STUFF! - Mick

-Mb, you're my hero. The stuff you do is fantastic. The purity of your art/craft is awesome. You're like the guys who climb Mt. Everest without oxygen. - Krintz