Marion Boykin's "MBs Copper Silver INC."

With all these high-end trick coins around that help make the magic, it got me thinking of an old idea I once had as to Copper Silver. With this little routine in my head, I’ve “INCorporated” something old with some unique visual changes you don’t usually see in a copper silver effect.

There are four flexible phases that become more and more impossible, where a copper English Penny and a silver half dollar change places right out in the open - I mean, THEY SEE IT HAPPEN!

Specs see the changes happen again and again right before their very eyes. And with a little added finesse, the grand finale will leave them shaking their heads in absolute wonderment. A simple c/s coin is a small investment for so much good magic. This has fastly become one of my favorites, and I’m sure it’ll become one of yours.

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*Download includes: 2 Explanation videos and Manuscript *with a surprise BONUS inside.

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