MB's $1000 "My Fly"

This is my try at 3 Fly, or simply "My Fly." I've always enjoyed this classic effect and so here I present my version of it. As in all my stuff there are some good twists, turns and thinking and with that there is a great opening production with the 3 coins right off the bat. Also there are some good moves throughout the effect and just wait to you see my little twist on what happens to that famed last coin. ;) Now I make it all available exclusively to you here at a great value (with a BONUS even, - "Short Fly") at a tremendous discount. This is the cheapest trip you'll ever take to such a great effect and destination. Enjoy the flight.

This download comes with:

- No gaffed coins (aka None Needed)
- 1 BIG pdf Manuscript
- 3 Ways to make it happen
- 3+ Videos that show the way

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