MB's "KrazyKoinZ"

Every so often, something is so lastingly good that you just have to give it an encore. In this case, I'm reaching back for one of my most favorite effects and bringing it front & center to finally stand on it's own. KrazyKoinZ is my coins across of choice, I still do it to this day because there's truly nothing else like it. You know how typically in coins across, coins go across one at a time, well not exactly in my KrazyKoinZ.

It only uses 3 coins but put to 3 amazing phases that POP! like a cork at every turn. Some uniquely nice moves to if for a coins across, and a few ways to end the effect.

I've gotten a lot of praise for this one, along with wide-spread encouragement that it is worthy to offer on it's own merit. It's one of the few coin tricks I do regularly, one of my very best. Learn this one, and you'll do it always

*includes video and manuscript

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