MB's "Double Trouble"

I have found that for me nowadays, less is more as to magic. While I can do lots, I now prefer to just do enough. Which daily may be just a few things that I practice again & again, and then present here & there.

So, with that in mind, here I present just a couple of things I do most regularly for people anywhere I go. I give you a double dose of some good coin magic, some of it mine with bits & pieces from a journey that has help put a lot of good magic in me. A lot of it is my way of doing things or using the moves and methods I found along the way toward something refreshing.

There's nothing hard here, that a little practice won't smooth out in making these tricks your own. Still, it's all some pretty slick stuff, not difficult and well-worth presenting in different circumstances...Sometimes one of these is all you need to make a moment of someone's time unforgettable.

Double Trouble includes 2 coin magic videos:

- SPE'L (My SPEciaL Coin): A different sort of spellbound effect that really leaves them guessing.
- GONE!: My little one coin vanish & production sequence...A nice refreshing little piece of instant magic using an old move you should take seriously.

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