Marion Boykin's "FlySki"

When you speak of classics in coin magic, 3 Fly will invariably be a part of the conversation. Everyone has a favorite version to magically show 3 coins visually go from one hand to the other.

"FlySki" is my streamlined handling of it, bringing together bits & pieces from here and there, sprinkled with my own finesses and thinking as to this great trick.

There's nothing hard here or any special additives needed to present some truly slick coin work that will leave spectators gasping. With just a bit of good practice, you'll be making this amazing flight every chance you get. All you gotta do is grab your coins and prepare for take-off.

Special Credits: Chris Kenner, Jonathan Townsend, J.B. Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic, John Ramsay, Homer Liwag, J. Pace, Eric Mead, Mano Tejeda, Eric Jones, Daryl and Me ;)

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