MB's The Crimp Change - REDUX!

Simply, The Crimp Change is a remarkable move. It looks like real magic. Marion Boykin has surrounded the move with loads of deception that increase its amazement and leaves people just scratching their heads, right up close. Marion has always wanted to re-do and update his original work on the Crimp Change.

Well, he's finally done it and it includes even more now. You get his advanced thinking on the move with in-depth understanding of every action, and the use of momentums that make it even more miraculous than it already is. He delivers here a new routine and handling to it, but also goes over the original Crimp Change package, which includes The Blow Change, and other relative moves that help make the change continue to be one of the very best visual coin changes out there, bar none. You asked for it...Here it is!

Explanation video and pdf file included in this instant download.

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