Tim Feher's "One Coin 2.0"

Do you have a simple, in-your–face impromptu style coin routine in your pocket? Can you borrow a single coin or pick up a chip from the table and fascinate an audience for a minute? Three minutes? Five? If not you should immediately get Tim Feher’s new “One Coin 2.0” and add it to his “3’s a Charm.”

Clean effects, detailed video explanations of each sleight, presentation tips and … did I say “clean?” Tim has a way of explaining these moves and sleights that make them doable – not just dust collectors. That “2.0” doesn’t mean difficult or that you must have already mastered a dozen special sleights. It means that you are comfortable performing in any setting, think coin effects are special and have confidence that “fooling the mind” is more important than “fooling the eye.” Well, you can learn about misdirection, inference, feints and implication here, but you might have to watch a couple of times. When you believe it you will see it.

ESkip a couple cups of coffee and get this download. If you don’t have “Charm,” get that too. If you don’t understand how to segue this routine into a follow-up coin effect, send Tim a query. If you don’t like coin magic – gift this to a friend.

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