Tim Feher's "Somethin Nothin"

Tim is known for amazing routines that flow beautifully and here's yet another one from his arsenal, "Somthin Nothin." He would probably say it's "Nothin" really but I tell'ya, it's really "Somthin." First off you get a topnotch video production with 7 detailed videos going over everything. Tim's patented teaching method that makes learning the effect easy as 1-2-3.

He gives you great views and explanation on making the magic work along with good thought as to how to present it and make it look as sweet as tea.

Man, this is not your ordinary purse frame routine. This one will become a classic effect at an unbelievable value right now from one of the very best magicians around, bar none.

So, if you want to do just an absolutely great stand-up coin routine, do this one and then just step back and take a bow amidst all the ooohs, ahhhhs and applause. "Somthin Nothin" is truly something special.

Explanation videos included in this instant download.

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